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These days it has become quite hard to find quality beers and breweries that make them. That is why when Villa Monaco Winery was launched, people loved what we did and they also felt our dedication like skin. That is why we have lots of clients sticking around us all the time. 

Our Drinks

Take a look at the different varities that we have got to offer.


These types of beers are well-known in the whole of the American territory and there is no better place to get the authentic taste in a different place. 


Shiraz is the type of beer that is largely found in places like Iran. But now you gave get that in our winery as well. Try it once and you will know for yourself.


Largely recognised as the Australian beer, we provide the same authenticity in our brewery as well. It is worth a try.


Barrel Aged Wine

There has always been a strange relationship between wine and oak barrels. Oak barrels have been used for ageing wines for centuries, and there is something in oak that flavours the wine that is kept inside the barrel. The wine that is aged in oak barrels always has a lasting mark. Let’s take a deeper look at how wine is aged in barrels.

Types of wines that aged in barrels:

Wine gets a richer and better complexity when it is aged in oak barrels, and it also gets a better aroma and flavour. Some of the red wines that get the maximum benefit when are aged in oak barrels are Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chianti, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Syrah etc. Some of the white wines include Semillon, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc etc.

Why do wines get aged in oak barrels?

Oak barrels are considered quite special as they provide a richer flavour to the wine. The barrel has something for the nose and the mouth. The wine smells like it has been around the spices like clove, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg etc. On the palate, you will be able to feel the rich flavours of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, mocha, butter, toffee, coconut, caramel etc.

Barrels and wines:

An oak barrel can hold about 59 to 60 gallons of wine. The oak being porous in nature and thus you will lose at least 5 gallons of water through evaporation. Due to the evaporation process, the wine inside the barrel becomes more concentrated thus increasing the flavour of the wine. The ageing of the wine also depends on what type of barrel it is kept. For example, the flavour of the wine would depend based on the dryness of the wood, type of wood, etc.

Types of oak used in making barrels:

Some of the most common types of oak that are used for barrel making are the French oaks and the American oak. The Hungarian and the Slavonia barrels are also recently gaining popularity among winemakers.

French oak barrels are more expansive and higher wood tannins when compared to the American barrels but the American oak barrels provide a better flavour to the wine, and they also have a great impact on its aroma. As French oak barrels have tighter wooden grains in the barrel, they do not contribute much to the aroma of the wine. French barrels cost about $1000 while the American ones cost only about $350. Keeping the price and flavour in mind, you know what barrel you need to buy to age your wine. As oak barrels are quite expansive, there are other methods used by winemakers to get the flavour of oak in their wine. Winemakers take small chips of oak to wine to get the aroma and taste of oak.

Gifts for Wine Drinkers

Finding the perfect gift for someone is sometimes the toughest things to do. All of us love drinking wine and spending time with our families especially during the festive seasons and if you are planning to gift a person who is a wine lover the following are some of the options you have got:

Guzzle Buddy:

Wine is something which needs to be tasted and then swallowed, and thus no one can drink wine directly from the bottle like they do with beer. Guzzle buddy is a glass which fits right into the bottle of wine, and you can take a sip from that glass.

Small Wine Barrel:

Barrel aging wine isn’t something new, but it has become easier for the average person to do it in their homes with mini oak barrels, because of companies like Buy small wine barrels here

Wine Markers:

If you want to add a little bit of creativity to your wine glasses, you can buy the wine markers and draw various things on your wine glass. The markers come with soap which you can use to remove the ink on the glass.

Wine lock:

If you happen to know a person who is very particular about keeping their wine safe you can buy them a wine lock. It is basically a number lock which fits at the cork of the bottle and opens only when you have the correct number.

Portion controller glass:

The portion controller glass has funny markings on the glass, and it is always fun to pour wine into each marking and enjoy them.

Baloon Cork:

Unless you have the entire family over, it is quite hard to finish the entire bottle of wine with a meal. Sometimes almost half the bottle is left out, and it is quite hard to find something to close the bottle. Baloon cork is an excellent gift which will provide an air tight seal to the bottle, and this would not even alter the taste of the wine.

Glass plates for wine cups:

You can buy these tiny glass plates which you can keep on top on the wine cups and serve snacks in them to your guests.

Wine wipes:

Do you know someone who always spills their wine? You need to get them wine wipes to keep their surroundings clean.

Aerator Pump:

Aerator Pump makes your wine to stay fresh for a long time as it aerates the wine and keeps it oxidised. The pump is a little expensive, but you will certainly enjoy your wine as it gets aerated.

Merlot Infused Coffee:

If you know someone who would even enjoy wine for breakfast, then you should get them the Merlot Infused Coffee beans. These beans are aged in oak barrels to get a bold fragrance of wine.

Forty Ounce Rosé:

Who wouldn’t love a bottle of Forty Ounce Rosé? If you are going to a dinner or a party you can take this bottle of wine and the host would just love it.

Wine bottle thermometer:

The wine bottle thermometer is a digital thermometer which is attached to the bottle of the wine, and it will provide you with the temperature of the wine inside the bottle.


Welcome to our winery. You will be happy to be here, because of the qaulity beers that we make. This is just the beginning. Scroll down to be baffled!

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Typically flavored with soy sauce.$8.59

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Deep fried $6.45

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Fresh quality nuts & dried fruits $6.99


Texas Caviar

Black-eyed peas and black beans.$7.95

Spicy Onion Rings

Deep fried or baked.$5.19

Fish & Chips

Beer battered or fired..$13.99

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